Hey, I'm Sergey Slotin. Friends call me Sereja (/sɪr̥ʲɵʐə/).

I am a software engineer from Moscow specializing in NLP and HPC.

I'm currently on a sabbatical, meaning that I'm not full-time employed anywhere and just pursuing personal projects and self-improving. Most recently I've been busy writing a book on performance engineering which is to be finished mid-fall.

Previously, I worked on speech services and ML infrastructure at Replika, improved the quality of image search at Yandex and developed speech recognition kit and voice assistant at Tinkoff, where I was also involved in computer science education and helped establish a project now called Tinkoff Generation.

I did some competitive programming in high school, and I've been writing tutorials on advanced computer science topics for quite a while, which I've reorganized into a website called Algorithmica—check it out.

I mostly write code in Go, C++, Python and JavaScript, with a long tail of other languages, including Rust, Julia, Scala, Java, PHP, Bash and Jsonnet.

My religious beliefs: Ubuntu, i3, zsh, Neovim, VS Code, Brave, LLVM/Clang, PyTorch, CUDA, Kubernetes, Dask, MongoDB, Redis, NSQ, FastAPI, Echo, Apollo, TypeScript, Vue, Git, GCP, JWT, Sass, Intel asm syntax, ".yaml", "if (...) {", half-open intervals, spaces, single quotes, no semicolons in JS, P≠NP, minimalism in art and design, utilitarianism, tragicomedies, blues-/punk-/indie rock, turn-based strategy games, Italian and Russian cuisine, Irish whiskey, Pilsner beer.

Irrelevant to modern NLP, I also study linguistics and foreign languages as a hobby. Apart from English and Russian, I know a bit of Mandarin, German and Spanish, and recently started to pick up some French.

I am bad at chess and I watch too much netflix.
According to 8values, I am social liberal.

Last updated on August 18, 2021.