Hey, I'm Sergey Slotin. Friends call me Sereja (/sɪr̥ʲɵʐə/).

I am a machine learning engineer at Yandex in Moscow, currently working on the quality of its image search.

Before that, I worked in different teams at Tinkoff, developing its question answering bot and a yet unreleased voice assistant.

I also continue to teach some programming courses there. It's OK to write me about joining one of them or about CS/DL in general, even if we haven't met. I'm approachable.

I have been writing tutorials on advanced computer science topics for quite a while. I am currently reorganizing them into a separate website called Algorithmica—check it out.

I did some competitive programming in high school, but now I am mostly into machine learning and high-performance computing.
I intend to qualify for ACM ICPC finals in '20 and '21, having two years of my bachelor's and two attempts left.

My religious beliefs: Ubuntu, i3, Neovim, Clang, Nginx, PyTorch, CUDA, P!=NP, spaces, "if (...) {", half-open intervals, pointer-based segtrees.

I am bad at chess and I watch too much netflix.
According to 8values, I am social liberal.